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Booking and Pricing

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Before you purchase custom work please read the following rules



#1 - High Quality photos only if you send me a screen shot off of Instagram or Facebook I can not properly draw your image.

#2 - Photos need to have good lighting with clear detail Examples

#3 - Absolutely no nudity or "saucy" photos basically anything NSFW. photos like swimwear are allowed.

How it works

before purchasing email me (skangelsshop@gmail.com) your high quality photo I will then determine whether I can use it if I can I will give you the all clear to purchase the listing.

after doing so I will need a due date anything less than a week will be a express fee of 25% of your purchase

when I near completion I will send a prof of work that you can make adjustments to

after I finish I will send a digital copy of the work

if you are printing it shipping will take 3-5 business days from ship date (no exceptions) if you are needing a express work done I will not be able to ship your work you will have to purchase a digital file and print it yourself

(Office Depot and Staples are best printing options for same day or next day pick up call before you come in to make sure they have the paper you would like. I suggest a high gloss or satin paper for glossy or a heavy weight matte paper like 55# pricing is located on their websites)

All artwork will bare a signature or a small watermark this is necessary for copy right reasons if this is a problem please let me know before artwork is completed

If you post artwork online it would be nice if you could tag me in the post (Instagram)