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Hello Beautiful People,

And welcome to S.K. Angels! I bet you're wondering what S.K. Angels is, S.K. Angels is a site that came to me one quarantined night after a day at the beach. I found the cutest little shell and turned it into a earring, and thus S.K. Angels was born. S.K. Angels name was made from a nickname I had acquired after my younger brother was struggling to say my name. He would combine mine with our sisters and so to make it easier on him we started to use my first and middle initial to make it easier to define who was who thus S.K. The name Angel was what my dad would call me when I was younger. So when I created my first online account (it was an Xbox account) my dad came up with SKAngel. since then that username has stuck with me and I use it for basically everything. When it was time to come up with a name for my site I struggled for weeks asking around. Then it hit me! Why not use the same name I've stuck with. SKAngel but you know i had to make it a bit more unique than that so S.K. Angels was born.

This site is a gallery, Resume, Shop, Blog, Booking site, and hub for all the things I love. I have always loved art since I was little and took special classes at my middle and high school to improve it. I had eventually switched to digital art and a bit of graphic design and started to create some drawings for a few of my friends, and make some flyers for events in my area. It is always so much fun creating something from an idea and I can't wait to create for you.

I am also absolutely obsessed with the ocean. So I plan on using this as a platform to inform you of both the good and the bad. if you have Thalassophobia i hope some of the things i post will help you overcome that fear even a little bit. I also plan on sharing a few companies that i think are absolutely amazing and eco - friendly.

Thank You for visiting, and remember you are loved valued here

*Disclaimer! : S.K. Angels is a group of love everyone is welcome here if anything offends you please email me directly. my email is listed under contact in the navigation bar.